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Skip navigation! Story from Spirit. In astrology, Mercury retrograde sends communication , contracts, technology and travel into chaos. Mercury retrograde ended on March 28, but get ready for another kind of retrograde: Jupiter retrograde begins on April Because Jupiter is a slower-moving planet, its retrograde periods last longer and are less chaotic. Additionally, Jupiter rules different parts of life than Mercury: it’s the planet of wisdom, luck, and progress.

Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and Mars come together for once-in-a-generation early morning view

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Until now, Venus lit up the morning sky in solitary splendour. But this week, the brightest planet, which appears an hour before sunrise, will be joined by its closest rival Jupiter, usually an evening fixture. More incredibly yet, Mercury and Mars are visible in the vicinity in a rare temporary alliance low in the eastern sky. The astronomical phenomenon is unlikely to occur again before Rare: Seen in the early morning over Sydney, Venus centre is joined by evening fixture Jupiter left , as well as Mercury right and Mars bottom in convergence unlikely to occur again before This planetary ‘summit meeting’ is show in detail below.

Interstellar Travel and Post-Humans

The member group opted this month to send a spacecraft to explore and investigate the satellites, which are located some million miles away from Earth. Once JUICE reaches the Jovian system in , the spacecraft will zip past Callisto and twice fly by Europa, measuring the thickness of their icy crusts and identifying potential landing sites for future explorations. Europa, Callisto and Ganymede are all believed to have subsurface oceans. Ganymede in particular is the only moon in the solar system known to generate its own magnetic field, and JUICE will enter orbit around it in To make this possible, scientists from around the world are scrambling to fashion the most effective tools for gathering data remotely and relaying it back to Earth.

One such instrument is the craft’s magnetometer.

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Antares A (α Scorpii) Facts

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Jupiters casino speed dating

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If you were to replace Jupiter with the smallest possible star it would have very If Jupiter were spinning so fast that the spin were counteracting its gravity Q: How can carbon dating work on things that were never alive?

Building on an already incredibly immersive and magical experience, Night Sky 7 becomes more beautiful and intuitive. With a completely new Maps inspired user interface, Night Sky 7 will feel familiar whilst surfacing much of the power of Night Sky. Night Sky 7 also comes to life on Apple Watch, with all new graphics, sky tours, and Red Vision mode, all on your wrist! Bring the Solar System into your home or classroom with the new Grand Orrery feature!

Use augmented reality to walk around the entire solar system, manipulating time and space with your fingertips! Walk up to the planets and see them in great detail, view their moons and surrounding satellites. Even see current space missions in our Solar System! Beautiful Glass Constellations shine and glisten in the Night Sky. Long press anywhere on Sky View to get a swatch to select from 8 vivid and colorful Light Spectrums.

Formation of Terrestrial Planets

Natural color view of Ganymede from the Galileo spacecraft during its first encounter with the satellite. North is to the top of the picture and the sun illuminates the surface from the right. The dark areas are the older, more heavily cratered regions and the light areas are younger, tectonically deformed regions. Ganymede is the largest moon in our solar system and the only moon with its own magnetic field.

Scientists believe there must be a fair amount of rock in the ice near the surface. Ganymede’s magnetic field is embedded inside Jupiter’s massive magnetosphere.

Music sent into space for extraterrestrials to decode” J. Luri, C. The lifetime of Gaia, ESA’s billion star surveyor, was extended by eighteen months, from 25 July to 31 December This is the first time that Gaia, which was launched in and originally funded for a five-year mission, has been subject to the extension process. This visualisation shows the detection by Gaia of more than 13 asteroids as the spacecraft represented by the pale blue dot scanned the sky between August and May Most of them lie between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

The first asteroid was discovered in ; by , nearly were known, and modern techniques for surveying the skies have led to orbit determinations of hundreds of thousands of them. On October 20th, one of the many new asteroids that are discovered every day was detected by PANSTARRS, but this one showed a very peculiar behavior: as more observations were collected to determine an orbit, it became clear that it was moving much faster than any other known object in the Solar System.

The results suggest that the earliest galaxies, which illuminated and ionized the Universe, formed at even earlier times. AR is by far the biggest sunspot of , stretching more than , km from end to end.

Juno Spacecraft Listens for a Greeting From Earth